Frankenstein – ebook

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‘What if the end of life is not the end? What if there was a way… a way to bring someone back? Would you?’

Inspired by the classic horror by Mary Shelley, this version of Frankenstein focuses on the journey of the titular character Victoria Frankenstein. After losing her mother at a young age, she was raised in a household that condemned her passion for the sciences. Thankfully, Doctor Waldman sees the spark inside Victoria, and fosters it; providing her with the opportunity to be the greatest scientist of all time. However, the loss of Frankenstein’s mother stays at the forefront of her mind, and when she finds a way to re-animate the dead, she is cast out by Waldman for meddling in the powers of Gods. Fuelled by her passion for science, her determination to prove all that oppose her wrong, and her desperation to see her mother once more, Frankenstein sets about her experiments… only her first surpasses all expectations. Frankenstein’s creation is brought alive.


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