Our latest publication was the brand new piece of writing Lilies and Sweets which premiered at the Pleasance Theatre in early 2019. The author Nathan Wright is a rising talent in the world of new writing and one we were very proud to work with.

Theatre Weekly’s review was extremely positive and lauded Nathan’s writing as well as his performance.

“It has much to say to and about us all and how we relate to those we initially perceive as different to ourselves.  It says it with humour and it says it with pathos, much like in life itself.”

Theatre Weekly

Olcan was instrumental in making sure that the online launch of the play was a success. It was important that the play was delivered on time online as well as at the theatre because of the amount of publicity it was receiving. It has been launched through Nielsen as well as Amazon and is available in the theatrical section of major booksellers.

As well as this, Olcan has a print on demand publishing arm which can quickly produce multiple publications which can be delivered all around the world.

In the case of the theatrical run, Olcan was able to deliver all the printed books to the theatre in order for them to be sold as programmes as the show.

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“Do they not have homosexuals in the midlands…”

Nathan Wright – Lilies and Sweets

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