“Being talented when you’re 20 is easy. The hard part is being talented when you’re 50.”

Pablo Picasso

Talent and publishing go hand in hand. You can’t have one without the other.

Whether it’s a play, a record, a TV show or a feature film the magic at the beginning is what informs the commercial success at the end. At Olcan we don’t just produce printed publications but we also develop talent and larger projects. This includes musical acts, actors and voiceover artists as well as online TV productions.

Featured artist

One of our up-and-coming acts is the invariably talented band CASCA. They’re headlining the Camden Assembly this year and releasing their new single “Paint Your Eyes” on all major platforms. They play regularly around London and the southeast and are one of those acts that have been on various industry professionals RADAR for a while.

Check out their website: https://casca-band.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/casca.band/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/cascaband?lang=en-gb

If you hear, see or discover a musical act or actor then you probably need to do a little digging as to who “represents” them. The same can be said for major projects that you see on terrestrial television or on Netflix. Often the person who started the project hussled for a long time behind the scenes in order to make it happen. In the case of Olcan, we keep a low profile so that agents, producers and the public focus on the talent and not their management.

Often talent feel constrained by their agents or management because of an imbalance of power. The mission of Olcan is to give fairer deals to authors, companies and artists alike.

If you are a casting director, producer or director who is interested in hearing about our roster of talent then please email team@olcan.co or call our business development representative on +44 7880 593 026.

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